It all started in 2014 with our rescued mastiff Bailey. I gave her peanut butter to get her droopy face more animated. In early 2016 I started giving it to all of the dogs that came into my studio. The photos quickly went viral around the world.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and a lot of national and international press, the great people at Gibbs-Smith Publishing reached out to me to make a book. And here we are! The book is coming out very soon and I'm beyond excited to share it with you.

The book can be purchased online throught these pages

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2018 Peanut Butter Pibbles Calendar on

This calendar is dedicated to all the rescue animals waiting to find their forever home. Please consider adopting from a shelter.

All photos of these “pit” mix rescue dogs were taken at our Lakewood, Ohio studio. As of today, dogs that are over 50% American Staffordshire Terrier (“pit bull”) are deemed vicious solely based on looks and have been banned in Lakewood since 2008. Given that dangerous is not the way a dog looks, we welcome all dogs in our studio. Some, but not all of the dogs in this calendar are over 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, making them illegal to have visited our studio under Lakewood, Ohio's ordinance.

They will never be illegal in our hearts and through our eyes.

We support strong breed-neutral nuisance, dangerous and vicious dog ordinances that are proven to make cities safer. Countless reputable studies show that better laws, better enforcement, increased communication and increased education make for safer cities. Discriminating against a certain dog based on looks does not equate to safety. We look forward to the day when all dogs are welcome into Lakewood, Ohio regardless of the way they look. We look forward to the day that breed discriminatory legislation in the US and the entire world is part of our past.

100% of profits from this calendar will go to the Happy Dog Foundation

The Happy Dog Foundation will be going live in early 2018. Along with advocacy and education, the foundation will provide college scholarships to high school seniors and college students active in animal rescue and advocacy.