Dobby & His Human, Lara’s High School Senior Photo Session

Please help put an end to breed bans in Northeast Ohio and around the country. For those of you in Northeast Ohio, the following cities currently ban these amazing dogs because of the way they look.

Lakewood, Parma, Garfield Heights & Warrensville Heights

Meet Dobby and his human, Lara.  I met them last year when they reached out to me to do Lara’s senior photos. Dobby was adopted from Secondhand Mutts in Cleveland, Ohio on January 23, 2015. He was 4 months old when he was adopted and became part of Lara’s family. Lara felt an immediate connection to Dobby from the moment she saw him. He had unique features, like his enormous ears , beautiful green eyes, and a sweet face that when you looked at him you could see his kind soul.

I recently spoke with Lara and her mother Julie.

Have people ever been nervous to interact with Dobby because he’s a pitty then completely fine after they met and interacted with him?

Yes, when Lara walks him to the local park near our house, other people cross to the other side of the street. Even our neighbor was hesitant when he found out he was a pitty. He did not want to approach him. However one milkbone and and a few pitty licks later, he is now a fan. Dobby goes to Pet People, the park, and many places with us and although the initial reaction may be met with hesitation, once his gentle giant personality is reflected, the negative perception becomes a positive experience. – Julie & Lara

If you could say one thing to people that support BSL, what would that be?

It is difficult to limit it to one thing:) The message we would say to people who support BSL is to STOP being so closed minded to a breed and become truly educated about the breed instead of developing legislation based on perception and no true factual data. – Julie & Lara

Why is Dobby important to you, your family and Lara?

Dobby is important to me because he has brought so much happiness to our family. He has a constant smile on his face and when he greets you in the morning, it starts the day in such a positive way.
After a long day at work/school to come home and is he still smiling and wagging his tail, it puts a smile on my face. He has a special relationship with each family member and has filled a void. It is true when it is said that we did not rescue him, he truly rescued us. – Julie

Anything else you’d like to add?

Dobby was already named for his large ears as a puppy and we loved the name, however my husband thought he was more of an “Earl”, so his official name is “Dobby Earl Potter I!”
Dobby’s Vet is The Richfield and at a recent visit they requested if we could bring Dobby for a day to just hang out and greet the other patients for a day. He is like a celebrity there and they love him! – Julie

Why is Dobby important to you?
Dobby is so important to me because he is warm, loves to cuddle and snuggle in bed, has soft ears, is always happy, and always make me feel better. He loves to watch TV and is my Netflix Buddy. Dobby is the
best remedy for relieving stress and anxiety and my life is just better with him in it. He is a part of the family and has been a great addition. I am grateful every day for. – Lara

What are his favorite things to do?
Dobby loves to eat and be given treats ( his favorite are the homemade dog biscuits from Blackbird bakery). He also loves the sunshine and if it is sunny day he will spend hours on the drive way just basking in the sun.  Another favorite for him is small plush toys. He carries them like they are his babies. Dobby enjoys going on walks and hanging out with our Jack Russell Mix ( Miley) and our Chihahuah Mix (Nolan), as well as, Chloe our cat. Dobby and Chloe are obsessed with each other, it is so cute to watch. By far is favorite hobby is sleeping and watching TV with me. It is best on a rainy day when that is all we want to do! – Lara

What are your favorite things to do together?
Taking walks in the park, going to the pet store, sleeping:), playing outside with the other dogs, going for car rides where Dobby can hang his head out the window and let his ears flap in the wind, and going to local restaurants that have dog friendly patios and accept him regardless of race or breed:) We also love to take photos together and videos. Dobby is also a big fan of Snapchat and social media. He is on there often with myself and my brother. – Lara

If he could talk, what are some things you think he’d say to you and others around him?
Dobby would say “thank you for making me a part of your family and treating me like a King all the time.” He would say thank you for making room in the bed so when you are scared or I am scared we always have each other to comfort one another. He would say to others “Look how much fun I have with my family and how loved I am!” Finally he would say ” Give the Pit-bull mix a chance and you will see that we are gentle giants with never ending smiles and filled with love to go around to everyone whose lives we touch.” – Lara

How has Dobby affected your life in a positive way?
He has a brought a joy into our lives that we never imagined and not a day goes by where I am not excited to see him. I am grateful for the positive impact he has personally had on me and our family. – Lara

What would you say to people that are nervous about meeting a pit mix?
To put all perceptions aside and give the breed a chance and you will see that they are a loving dog and can make a great addition to any family. – Lara
Anything else you’d like to add?
Volunteering at Secondhand Mutts Rescue Organization has provided me with so many opportunities to make a positive impact with dogs needing a second chance and to find their forever homes. It has been a great way to give back to my city and it is due to this rescue group that Dobby and I found each other. It was at a time when my family was not even looking to add another family member, however it was perfect timing that we found each other when we did. I will continue to volunteer and be an advocate for rescues and the pitties, in the hopes of educating and helping other families find their next family member and provide their forever home to a dog in need. – Lara