On top of getting discriminated against because of the way they look, many of the pit/bully mix rescues below have had a difficult life at one time or another. Some were born blind or deaf. A couple were covered from head to toe in mange when they were puppies. One had scars from likely being a bait dog. Others were found emaciated roaming the streets. And one below had it’s ears chopped off with scissors. Here’s the news video. 

No animals deserve what they’ve gone through. We must LOVE ALL THE DOGS and help put an end to breed specific legislation and animal abuse.

This series of photos started in January 2017 and is a work in progress. I’m excited to say that the 2016 Peanut Butter Dog photo series is now a book. More info on that can be found here.

Enjoy the photos and again, please remember to love all the dogs.